Beyond Practice

GSV Associates encourages growth beyond Practice. Presenting papers, writing for journals, participating in Study Circles, authoring books and playing an active role in Chambers of Commerce are encouraged within the firm.

In GSV, we accept that the only thing that is permanent in this world is Change. In order to minimize the adverse impact ofChange on Business it is imperative that we need to be a constant student to analyze change and study its impact. The impact of globalization and the new trade regime have been areas in which GSV has focused in no little measure. Our partners have presented papers on globalization, WTO and other subjects at various seminars, and conferences. Our partners have addressed various Branches of Professional Institutes, Chambers of Commerce and conferences organized by other organizations.

Our partners have delivered lectures / conducted coaching sessions on various subjects of International Tax.

Further our Partners regularly contribute to various commercial papers and business magazines. We also believe that constant interaction with the cross section of Business and professionals provides vital inputs to understand the winds of change that is blowing across the world.

Our Partners have also authored the following books.

  • Analysis of Tariff Profile of Major importing Countries (2006, updated in 2008 and further updated in 2010) G. Srikanth
  • India Inc for Sale – Inviting the Invaders ( 2007) Tamil Version, G. Srikanth