Business Outsourcing

Traditionally, Business Process Outsourcing has been a management tool available only to large companies. These companies saved millions in monitory terms as well as much in non-monitory terms by outsourcing their LOW OR NO VALUE ADDITION ACTIVITIES, such as Accounting, Finance and Human Resources to specialized service providers.

We provide business process outsourcing, consulting and accounting system implementation to small, emerging growth and concept-stage businesses. We pride ourselves on providing practical solutions for back-office needs. Our Associates include experienced CAs, ICWAs, CSs, MBAs, Advocates, and Accountants

What Can Be Outsourced

How Outsourcing Different

Why outsource to us
We being "working consultants" not "button pushers". We "hit the deck running" - our experience is extensive. In other words we've "been there, done that." No assignment is too big, too small, too complex or too convoluted for us. We make ourselves flexible; the client can use us as much, or as little as they wish. Monthly or visit basis price arrangements are at the discretion of the client.